Moon of Muharram

Moon of Muharram
By: Voices of Passion (English Noha)
A Noha introducing the story of Karbala.
Noha Lyrics:
The moon of Muharram, times of sadness have come
The crescent has now arrived, casting gloom on Karbala, casting gloom on Karbala
Betrayal by the Kufans, set this moon on its course
Calling out for their guide, treachery with no remorse
Muslim and his sons, what a tragedy
Oh what a calamity, the moon bleeds to forsee
On the ninth it heard the prayers of those pure souls
Fought the rising sun, for perhaps this could be its role
Akber's adhaan so clear, this moon filled with fear
How will it possibly arise and see the state of those dear?
It saw the six month infant, no water but an arrow
That night it shone its light on, Rabaab filled with such sorrow
To see my Asghar I crave, I hear nothing but his cries
Oh sun please do not arise, and with this mother sympathise
Witnessed it the trampling on Shaame Gharibaa
Saw that night the terror, bodies scattered afar
Tents looted and on fire, earrings snatched from Rukayya
This moon also in such pains, this household bound in chains
From this month my bibi, had to wander veilless
Zahra's grave is restless, for her daughter, princess
The cloak of purity, for this mother so holy
The beloved of Fatema paraded in the bazaar


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