Who Are the Shia and What Do They Say?


In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

There are few people in the world today who have not heard the word Islam and not read about this religion and its beliefs. But there are many people that do not have very much information, if any, about the Shia, as a group of Muslims. And even among those that have heard about them, very few have heard accurate things.

One of the reasons for this is that:

Throughout history, the pursuit of justice by the Shia has always been a serious threat towards oppressive rulers. This is why there were numerous open and hidden efforts to destroy the Shia, or at least make them isolated. As a result of these pressures and massacres, the Shia gradually were transformed into an obscure minority whose beliefs were unknown to the people of the world. The opponents of Shi’ism have taken advantage of this situation and, by spreading their propaganda against the Shia, caused the few people that have heard about the Shia to believe they are a group that is incompatible with others, supports terrorism, or are in conflict with the rest of society.

This is while a true Shia is someone that accepts the truth, is committed to morality and the law, tells the truth, and dedicated to the people. They are someone that others, from all groups, genders, races, and religions are safe from: their actions, words, thoughts, and intentions. They are someone that wants nothing but goodness and happiness for the people of the world. This is because it has been said to them in Shia teachings,

“The best of people are individuals that have the most benefit to others”


“Desire whatever you want for yourself for others and do not want whatever you dislike for yourself for others”.

It has also been recommended,

“Treat all people with kindness and softness and do not seek domination over anyone. This is because people are not from more than one of two groups: either they are the same as you in their religion and belief, making them your religious brothers and sisters, or they are equals to you in creation. In both cases we are all humans, without any superiority over on another”.

It has been emphasized,

“Not only do all the humans that live alongside us on this planet have certain rights that we must respect, but the plants and animals also have rights that we must not violate”.

The “Who Are The Shia And What Do They Say?” course is an effort to state the foundations of Shia beliefs and familiarize the people of the world with the truth of Islam and Shi’ism. Please help us in publishing this truth.


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