This Earth can be turned into Paradise

This Earth, this life, this era can be turned into Paradise!

During early 632., Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gathered all of his followers near the pond of Ghadir, and informed them that his time in this world was coming to an end. He elected his cousin, Ali (AS), to become the leader of Muslims after him. He held that Ali would guide them to the righteous path and keep them safe until the time of the final Savior, who would bring peace to every corner of the Earth.

But people did not follow the Prophet’s advice. Shortly after his death, they fell into doubt and discord, leading to bloodshed over trivial issues. This mischief still continues today, in that many heinous crimes are committed in the Name of God.

Let us consider the instructions of the Prophet. Let us follow his recommended path to avoid extremism and mischief. Let us seek the Awaited One, the Messiah of all people of faiths, so we can experience a world of peace and justice.

Let us make an oath with God to seek our Savior’s acceptance, friendship, and well-being:

"Oh my Lord, I vow to love the Savior you will send to free us from destruction, to act upon his guidance, and to assist him with his mission. Oh Merciful One, help us by sending the one who is more kind than any mother and more compassionate than any father."




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