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A Nobleman Called Hussain (Arbaeen 2019)

 Who is Hussain?

A Nobleman Called Hussain - Brochure Text

Arbaeen 2019

Many years ago in the East, there was a very corrupt and oppressive ruler named Yazid that did not hold back from any crime. The people were sick and tired from him and his oppression. They wrote letters to a noble man among them, a man who, along with his descendants, was known as the most distinguished, most trustable, most just, most righteous, and most brave individual among the people. Not one letter, not ten letters, not a hundred. They wrote twelve thousand letters and asked that he come and become their guardian.

The noble man was more noble, honorable, and kind than to allow the hand of someone that extended to him for aid to come back without an answer. Even if this cost him his life. He was brought up in a family that gave up their food for three consecutive days to the needy who had come to their home, even though they were hungry themselves and did not have any other food for eating. He was the son of a mother who gave up her wedding dress on her wedding night to a needy woman who did not have proper clothes, and came to her own wedding with an old shirt.

He was the son of a father, who, even though he was the leader of the state, wore shoes with patches and carried heavy bags of food on his back and divided them at night among the poor. He would bend down and carry orphan children on his back to make their hearts happy …

No one ever remembered a needy person having returned from his house or his father’s house empty handed. How could this noble man now ignore twelve thousand requests for help and turn his back on the cries of the majority of the people?

He set out.

Yazid became aware of the situation. He sent a massive army towards the noble man’s caravan, which was made up mostly of women and children. The same people that had written all these letters to this noble man asking him to come and become their guardian hid in their homes out of fear of Yazid and his army. They abandoned him and did not come to his aid.

The commander of the army told the noble man that he should either sign a declaration of friendship with Yazid or he and his followers would all be killed. The noble man said that such a declaration would mean approving of Yazid and his crimes. He would do no such things. The commander said then there was no choice but war.

The noble man took a look at Yazid’s soldiers. They were all tired and thirsty. Without thinking about how they were his enemies and would soon fight them, he told his companions to quench the thirst of all the enemy soldiers. He himself went to their aid with a musk filled with water.

For he was the inheritor of all the goodness of all the good ones. He was the grandson of the Messenger of Kindness (Muhammad – PBUH) and the son of the most just and kind commander of the world (Ali – AS). He was Hussain.

Do you know what they did with Hussain in return for all this kindness, forgiveness, and goodness?

They surrounded him and his supporters. They massacred his children and his followers. They did not even have mercy on Hussain’s sixth month old infact and slit his throat with an arrow. Hussain also, whose body was filled with the enemy’s spears and arrows like a porcupine, was beheaded while he was thirsty. They put his head on a spear and took it from city to city in front of the eyes of his family. After cutting the head off this just and kind person, they crushed his body under the hooves of horses. An unparalleled crime in the history of creation!

Every year during Arbaeen, millions of free people from all over the world, from different language groups, different nationalities, and different religions, have taken part in the biggest procession in the world, and brought themselves to Hussain’s shrine in the city of Karbala. Next to Hussain, the hero that did not join oppression, even at the price of his life, even at the price of his dearest ones, these people hold the largest procession for peace on this planet and pray for the coming of the day that there will be no oppression and corruption in the world.

They pray for that same day that a hero from the line of Hussain will come along with Jesus Christ and spread peace, justice, and security all over the world.

Let us also, in harmony with them, wherever we are in this world, pray for that day to come.

In hopes of the coming of that day.


A Nobleman Called Hussain (Brochure)


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