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Poem: O’ Isa! Son of Maryam (for Teens)


In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

O’ Isa! Son of Maryam (for Teens)


Isa Son of Maryam   

Born to Maryam, Isa Ruhullah,

Who spoke from birth and onwards,

He's a Prophet sent by Allah,

For the guidance of mankind.


O’ Isa! son of Maryam, you're the spirit of Allah,

You're His Prophet sent to guide us,

and you're still alive.

You brought God's message, that He was Only One,

There was none like Him,

You performed miracles with permission from Allah.


O’ Isa! son of Maryam ...

They tried to kill you, they didn't manage,

You were taken to heaven

You'll reappear with the Mahdi, whom we await for.

O’ Isa! son of Maryam ...


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