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Praying for the Return of Our 12th Imam (for teens)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Praying for the Return of Our 12th Imam (for teens)


A lot of people ask “why do we need an Imam?”

Some people say that the Holy Quran is enough to guide us and that we don’t need an Imam. Some say that he is in hiding so how is he helping us?

We know that the Imam is helping us, and that we definitely need him.

Even though there are millions of Muslims today, some still disagree on what the message of the Quran is, and for that reason, we need someone who can tell us the exact meaning of the Quran and the message of the Quran.

We also need somebody who can bring all the people together, so that they do not fight. Just like our eyes, ears, hands, and legs are useful, but depend on the brain to instruct them, we need an Imam to make sure the Quran, and all Islamic teachings are understood and followed properly.

When the Imam will come, he will need individuals who are prepared to assist and help him. Will we be one of those individuals?

If the answer is “yes” then we need to do our best to prepare ourselves so that when the Imam does come, we are ready to answer him and be a part of his army that will establish true Islam and peace.

In everything we do, we should remember our Imam. We should always ask ourselves if we are contributing to the mission of our Imam or if we are the ones who are adding more trouble and making the Imam sad?

We should try to speak about our Imam and the Ma’ṣumin [AS] and Islam, to our friends and family and help each other prepare for the Imam.

When we hear the names of any of the 14 Ma’sumin [AS], we should ask Allah [SWT] to send His blessings on them by reciting the Salawat.

But remember that when we mention the name of Imam Muḥammad al-Mahdi (may he come to us quickly!)

then we must show him an even more special respect.

We should:

  • Bow our heads a little
  • Say “Allahumma ‘Ajjil Farajahu” – This means ‘O Allah! Make his return quicker!’

We all look forward to the day that Imam al-Mahdi (May he come to us quickly!) returns and establishes peace and justice and true Islam all over the world.

We look forward to the times when human beings around the world are not fighting and are not at war, but love towards each other.

We should always pray for the return of our Imam in our lifetime and hope that he will come before we die.


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