Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (AS)

Imam Hassan Mujtaba: The generous son of Fatima (for 8 years old and more)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Imam Hassan Mujtaba: The generous son of Fatima

(for 8 years old and more)



Imam Hassan (AS) is our second of twelve Imams. His father is Imam Ali (AS) and his mother is Sayyidah Fatima (AS). His grandfather is Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

He was born on 15th Ramadan 3 years after Hijrah. When he was born, the Holy Prophet [PBUH] took him in his arms, kissed and hugged him. Then he recited the Azaan in his right ear and Iqamah in his left ear. He then named the child Hassan. No one was ever named Hassan before him. The Holy Prophet said he was named Hassan because it was through divine favour (Ihsan) that the heavens and earth stood. Hassan is derived from the word Ihsan, which means to do good.

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Imam Hassan (AS) was extremely generous and gave away all his funds in the way of Allah.  No one went away from his door empty handed. He sat down with the poorest of poor when they invited him to share food with them. He was always hospitable and provided food for the poor people.    

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Imam Hassan (AS) was kind even to those who were rude to him.

One day a man from another place visited Madinah and saw a man whose beauty astonished him. But when he learned that it was Hassan ibn Ali, he started shouting abuse at the Imam, “Curse be upon you and your father”. He hated Imam Hassan and his father (Imam Ali), because of false rumours about the Imam and his family spreaded by enemies of Islam.

Imam Hassan didn’t say anything rude. He greeted him cordially and asked him kindly if he needed anything. “I see you are a stranger in this town. Should you need a ride, we will provide you with one. Should you have any needs, we will fulfil them for you. If you need any help, we will help you.“

Imam Hassan showed that his manners were like the good manners of his grandfather. Hearing this, the man felt ashamed and started to apologise saying, “You are indeed Allah’s Hujjat. Your excellent manners have made me admire you. I will never leave you and always serve you, Master”.    

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He taught us to show a lot of kindness to every one even animals.

One day, when the Imam  was eating, a small dog came and stood in front of him, looking at him because he was very hungry. 

Imam Hassan (AS) gave some of his food to the small dog who ate it all up and again looked at the Imam  for more food. Again, Imam Hassan (AS) gave the small dog some food. 

A man who was passing by said “Shoo! Shoo!” to the dog, so that the Imam could eat without being disturbed. Imam Hassan (AS) told the man that it was okay, and that Allāh [SWT] had made the dog and all of His Creations just like He made us.   

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Imam Hassan has many titles, which show his virtues. One of his title is Mujtaba that means: the chosen one and another title is Karim which means: very generous and kind.

Once upon a day, one of the enemies of Islam whose name was Muawiah called Imam Hassan to his court. That day Muawiah was distributing gifts to everyone. He wanted to boast about his wealth and show the people that he was the one who was giving the Imam expensive gifts.

When the Imam Hassan came, Muawiyah said “O the son of the Prophet. You came last hoping that nothing was left for me to give you and then you would tell people I was a miser.”

He called his treasurer and asked him to find out the total value of gifts distributed that day and bring its equal value. He gave the amount to Imam Hassan saying “This is the gift from me, the son of Hind.”

Muawiyah wanted to show off how rich and generous he was.

As the Imam got ready to leave, one of Muawiyah’s servants brought the Imam’s shoes to him out of respect. The Imam, as a way of thanking the servant, gave him all the gifts that Muawiyah had given him, to the servant.

Then he turned to Muawiyah saying, “This is the gift from me, the son of Fatima”!



We love you Imam Hassan, the son of Fatima (AS).

 Allah’s Mercy and Blessings be on you and your holy family.

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